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Best bamboo pillow

We all want a restful, peaceful and healthy sleep. Bamboo pillows are popular nowadays because they are adjustable, breathable and lightweight. They are also naturally hypoallergenic, making them a good option for people who suffer from different allergic conditions. Bamboo pillows are available to different sleeping positions and preferences.

Bamboo pillows are manufactured by blending bamboo fibers with other materials such as polyester. The materials make them thick, soft, durable, breathable, hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.

There are important things that you should consider when buying pillows. You must consider your back neck and cervical alignment. A wrong pillow can cause spine misalignment that usually strains your neck, back, and shoulders.

Your sleeping position will determine the type of pillow that you should use. Pillows come in different sizes and shapes and you should, therefore, choose one that supports your neck and back properly. Back sleepers should go for thinner supportive pillows while side sleepers should buy highly filled pillows. People who sleep on their stomachs should look for thin and soft pillows,

It is difficult to find the best Bamboo pillow since many companies manufacture them. The following are the best and most popular bamboo pillows in the market today.

Coop Home Goods Bamboo Pillows

Coop Home Goods Bamboo Pillows

Many people like this pillow because of its high-quality construction. Filled with memory foam, this pillow is very soft and flexible. It is known for its durability and comfort.

Good Home Goods is highly adjustable making it convenient for all sleeping positions, from the back, side, and stomach. The shredded elastic foam enables you to remove or add the pieces for comfort. The foam is free from phthalates, formaldehyde, heavy metals, toxic flame retardants, and ozone depleters.

Good Home Pillows are antimicrobial and hypoallergenic making them good for people who are sensitive to allergies. The cover is thick and plush and also allows good airflow inside the pillow. The air spaces created by the shredded foam also enhances air circulation inside the pillow.

Although the pillow feels overfilled at first, it is easy to shape and very malleable even with all the filling. It is also easy to remove the cover. Don’t worry about the odor that comes from the foam when the pillow is first unzipped. The smell will eventually disappear after a few hours.

This pillow is also the top choice of


  • Durable
  • Antimicrobial
  • Hypoallergenic
  • It contains CertiPur-US Certified foam
  • The pillow comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a 5-year warranty.
  • Fully adjustable to suit all your preferences.
  • Easy to wash
  • It’s good for heavier bodies


  • More costly than competitors
  • Can become lumpy after using it for some time.

Xtreme Comforts Pillow

Xtreme Comforts Pillow

This pillow was designed for people who need slim pillows for comfort. The pillow is therefore good for individuals who prefer to sleep on their stomachs. The pillow offers instant relief to people who develop neck and shoulder after sleeping on their stomachs.

The good thing about this Xtreme Comfort pillows is that they are thin enough making them portable. You can easily carry them when going out for trips or camping. The pillow is not adjustable but has easy to shape and malleable fillers.

The pillows can be good for side sleepers although they can’t offer enough loft for people with broad shoulders. The bamboo cover is highly breathable and offers a comfortable surface. The pillow is machine washable, making it different from other similar designs. You can wash this pillow in cold water without damaging it.

The shredded memory foam provides a plush and compressible surface. The foam can redistribute your weight without tightly packing together. The shredded foam combines with the bamboo cover to provide excellent air circulation that prevents heat retention.

The pillow is made from eco-friendly materials and processes. All the materials are CertiPur-US Certified. The memory foam is free from phthalates, formaldehyde and doesn’t emit high levels of volatile organic compounds.


  • Hypoallergenic and antimicrobial
  • The bamboo cover regulates body temperature.
  • It comes with a 6-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee
  • Highly adjustable and durable
  • It is good for stomach sleepers
  • Washable and comes with a soft cover


  • Too lofty for people with broad shoulders
  • More costly than comparable pillows.

The Original Miracle Bamboo Pillow

The Original Miracle Bamboo Pillow

You should try this pillow if you usually find yourself flipping your pillows at night. This company is known for providing amazing products for a luxurious sleep.

The Miracle Bamboo pillow is made up of bamboo fabric and shredded memory foam. These materials provide great comfort and support.

It’s 3 in 1 technology gives you a softer feel, comfort, and support when sleeping in different positions. The shredded memory foam responds to your body pressure and temperature to create an ideal shape for maximum comfort. You can use this pillow for medium firmness, extra firmness and a softer feel also.

The memory foam helps contour your body to relieve pressure from your spine and reduce pains. The removable bamboo cover is machine washable. The cover is also resistant to allergens and dust mite.

The pillow also regulates temperature even during hot summers. You won’t flip you’re your pillow around because of high temperatures.

Just like other foam pillows, Miracle Bamboo pillows emit an odd smell that goes away after a day.


  • Highly breathable and dry during hot weather
  • Portable since you can roll it up
  • Provides maximum comfort during sleep. Its temperature regulation features is an added advantage
  • It’s machine washable
  • It’s hypoallergenic and therefore safe for people who suffer from allergies
  • Shredded memory foam provides support and comfort.


  • You can only wash the cover and not the whole pillow
  • Its memory foam can give it a firmer feel
  • Might feel heavier

Snuggle-Pedic Ultra Luxury

The Original Miracle Bamboo Pillow

This premium pillow comes with shredded memory foam and a bamboo cover. The cover micro-vented cover features Kool Flow technology that keeps you comfortable and cool overnight.

You can order more memory foam if you want a firmer feel. You can unzip and remove some interior stuffing to make it softer. Snuggle-Pedic pillows are somehow denser compared to other options. This makes these pillows great for people who love sleeping on their stomachs. They are also ideal for people who prefer denser and heavier pillows.

The good thing about Snuggle-Pedic is that they send their sleep experts to help you adjust the pillow for you. The brand is known for softness, comfort, and durability. The cover is made from bamboo, lycra, and polyester that keeps you cool throughout the night.

The foam is CERTIPUR-US certified, meaning that the pillow is made from eco-friendly materials and processes. The pillows are also free from chemicals.


  • Fully adjustable
  • Made with certified and eco-friendly foam
  • The cover is removable
  • It’s hypoallergenic and antimicrobial
  • 4-months money back guarantee
  • Comes with a 20-year guarantee
  • Can be customized by their experts for free
  • The cover regulates body temperature
  • The pillow stays firm for a very long time


  • Too firm for some users
  • More costly than other brands

LANGRIA Luxury Pillow

LANGRIA Luxury Pillow

This pillow is ideal for all sleeping positions because it can adjust by itself. The fabric is breathable to ensure that you stay cool overnight. The cotton shell ensures that the fillings stay in place.

The dense and elegant velvet gives the pillow a luxurious look. The pillow doesn’t have that odd odor that is always associated with foam pillows. This is because LANGRIA Luxury pillows don’t contain any chemicals. You don’t have to open it for air like other foam pillows.

  • Open the pillow and wait for a day for it to expand to its original size. Don’t sleep on your pillow on the first day. The pillow comes with a carrying case, making it easy to carry when traveling.


  • Antimicrobial
  • Hypoallergenic
  • The pillow is made from breathable fabric
  • Has a seamless zipper
  • Dust mite resistant
  • It comes with a carrying case


  • Some users say that the pillow was flat
  • You can’t wash the inner cover.


Pillows are very important and can help you have a peaceful and healthy night.

Bamboo pillows come with a lot of benefits. Most of them are hypoallergenic making them safe for allergy sufferers. They are also suitable for hot weather because they can regulate your body temperature and remain dry throughout the night. Bamboo pillows can also keep microorganisms away, enabling you to stay free of bacteria, dust mites, fungus, and other irritants.

There are things to consider when buying bamboo pillows. You should ensure that the cover is made of bamboo and is soft. Shredded foam interiors offer unique sleeping experiences because they are extra soft.

You should also ensure that you get high-quality bamboo pillows. This is because some bamboo pillows are flat, lumpy or flat. Ensure that you buy soft, comfortable and luxurious.

The size is an important factor when purchasing bamboo pillows. You should ensure that the size corresponds to your bed size. Also, ensure that the pillow is durable and has a warrant. A good bamboo pillow will retain its comfort and shape for the warranty period. Ensure that the warranty period is more than 5 years.

The listed pillows above come with different benefits. It’s your responsibility to choose the best pillow that satisfies all your needs.


body pillow

Best body pillow

Do you always find yourself tossing and turning all night without finding a perfect sleeping position? This is your time to make this history. Finding a good body pillow which can provide you with comfortable support is what you should Consider. This pillow will be able to get rid of insomnia, body aches or pains. However, these body pillows come in different sizes and shapes, therefore looking for the best one for your wants can be difficult. And that is why we have opted to provide you with a comprehensive review of some of the top 8 body pillows that you can choose from.



This pillow is the best for people who normally have back pain and would require some more support. However, this pillow is not firm like the solid memory foam; this is because it is filled with shredded memory foam. The shredded memory foam filling helps in making it very comfortable; hence it can easily maintain its shape. The pillow arrives compressed as well as sealed in plastic carrier, and within a few hours, it will be able to enlarge to its full size. You can choose to accelerate the process, and this can be done by putting it in your dryer so that it can be all set for use. It has a built in a cover which is made from both bamboo as well as polyester fabric which is breathable hence does not trap warm air, rather it helps you stay cool the whole night.


The pillow can help you stay cool all through the night

Can be washed by a machine and it is also dryable

Excellent customer service

Made in the USA


The separate foam chunks can be felt

This is the best pillow to go for if you are after getting cool night and support. It also has a 20-years warranty which attracts many people.

Coop home goods

Coop home goods

This pillow contains fillings of certi pur foam; this means that the pillow doesn’t have the dangerous chemical ingredients or heavy metals. The cover is made from 40% bamboo and polyester of 60%; this is the reason why it is washable by machine. This is the best pillow for those who have allergies; this is because it is resistant to dust mite and also hypoallergenic. When using it, you will not suffer from overheating. It contains an ultra soft fabric which helps you in relaxing. Back pain sufferers can also choose to go for this pillow; it helps in aligning your body as you get a good night sleep. It is very soft and can easily fine-tune with you and make you feel comfortable eth entire night.


It is made in the USA

It can also be used in hot areas because it is cooler

Offers great support to the knees and back


Those suffering from back pain find it not firm enough

It is heavy and also bulky

For people looking for extremely firm memory foams, you can always go for this pillow. It is a breathable pillow. Therefore it does not heat up as you sleep on it at night.

Squishy deluxe

Compared to other foam pillows, this pillow has a squishier feeling. And it contains the tiniest microbeads. This, therefore, enables it to be firm enough to give you support as it also makes it easier for you to move around. It is circular, and this makes it easy for the user to bend and twist. And many pregnant women like this pillow for sleeping. You can as well use it to prop yourself while breastfeeding. It comes with a removable pillow case.


It is lightweight and very portable

It is soft and firm

It has a removable cover

Those recovering from surgery would go for this

It is hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mite


This should be used near pets with claws

It is easy to travel with and provides the same support provided by shredded memory foam.

Leachco snoogle

Leachco snoogle

If you are looking for a full body pillow that can support your back and pregnant belly, then you should go for this pillow. The c-shaped design can perfectly fit around your neck and back. However, it is not as firm and supportive as the other body pillows. The pillowcase can easily be replaced.


It has a great shape which helps in providing full body support

It is breathable and comfortable as well

It is perfect for use by pregnant women


Removing them is difficult, and they are not much comfortable

Materials are similar to a regular pillow

If you are looking for firm support, then this is not what you should choose. However, you can get a 5+ value from this pillow.

PharmeDoc Total

PharmeDoc Total

It is similar to Leacho but larger and also has some improvements. It is firmer and provides more support than the average pillow. It provides better comfort for your neck, shoulder and back than all other regular pillows. It comes with removable pillow cases which are also very soft. You can as well choose to buy other pillow cases for this pillow to make it easier for you to maintain its cleanliness. However, much of your bed space might be taken by this pillow; however, with the comfort it provides, it is worth it.


It has a zipper pillow cover which can be easily removed and replaced

It is perfect for back and side sleepers

It is good airflow, this the reason why it is cooler


Does not provide support for all back problems

Rip and tears can develop quite easily

However, this body pillow can tear easily, therefore, if you toss too much, it is not the best option. It is a great pillow for those who only require little extra back support to achieve comfortable sleep.

Web linens Inc J-shaped

Web linens Inc J-shaped

This is a great body pillow for back and joint pain relief. It also helps in providing extra support for pregnant women. Some users also say that it helped them in preventing sciatica, nasal congestion, carpal tunnel and heart burn. It also provides enough support for your legs; this means that you will sleep peacefully without being bothered by your legs. It is made from polyester which makes it softer and comfortable hence provides better sleep. However, it cannot provide enough support to all the back problems.


It comes with a removable body pillow; it is perfect for lower back pain.

It is more affordable than some pillows which are similar to it.


It can easily flatten out

If you are after a firm pillow, this is not the best option. However, it is among the best pillows for back pain. With it, your spine will be aligned and waking up with a painful back will be a thing of the past.

Meiz comfortable

Meiz comfortable

This is a very comfortable body pillow that you wouldn’t want to miss on your bed. It is perfectly molded to match the natural shape of your body. This pillow also suits all types of sleepers; stomach sleepers can as well use this pillow. This pillow is also perfect for pregnant women as well as nursing mothers. If you experience joint or leg pain at night, then this pillow will help you ease the pain. It effectively does this by promoting correct blood flow throughout the body as one sleeps. You will, therefore, be able to achieve more comfortable and restful sleep. It comes with a zipped pillow cover which can be removed.


It has a pillow case can be easily removed and replaced

People of any height find it very comfortable

When you switch positions, you do not have to move the pillow


Pillow is not as full as expected hence does not provide firm support

Pregnant women should go for this pillow; it the best choice when it comes to providing support and comfort. However, you do not have to be pregnant to use it; those who are not pregnant can use it as well.

Naomi Home

Naomi Home

It comes in six colors, so it is easier for you to find a color that can match with the bedroom decor. It is not suitable for use in a double bed; it is suitable for king size beds. Pregnant women can enjoy this pillow as well. If you are suffering from joint, neck, joint back or hip pain, this pillow will provide you with the help you need. However firm it is, you can still manage to twist and bend it to fit the position of your choice.


It is a firm pillow hence provides support for many people

It is a good size for king-sized beds

It is made from soft and quality materials


Slides are short

These are some of the best eight body pillows available on Amazon. It is advisable that you only select the one that matches your needs and budget.


Today’s Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow

Best pregnancy pillow

Expectant women find it hard to sleep because of their changing body structure. It is difficult to get a good night sleep as the belly grows. Women normally experience fatigue, sore muscles, heartburn and much more.

Some pillows address the problems associated with pregnancy. These pillows keep expectant women comfortable throughout the night. Pregnancy pillows are not only good for you but also your growing baby.

Choosing the best pregnancy pillow that satisfies your needs can be challenging. Pregnant women are advised to sleep on their sides. Side sleeping increases blood circulation and relieves pain. You should ensure that you choose a pregnancy pillow that accommodates side sleeping. These pillows also reduce back pain and align your spine.

There are some factors to consider before settling for a pregnancy pillow. They include:

  • Materials: Most pillows are made of polyfill in the interior and cotton casing. Other materials can be used, and it’s up to you choose what’s good for you. Ensure that the materials are hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.
  • Size and Shape: Pregnancy pillows come in different sizes and shapes. Total body pillows are the best option for pregnant women. This is because they provide maximum support and comfort.
  • Brand and Warranty: Ensure that you buy pillows from reputable brands. They should come with longer warranties.

The following are the best pregnancy pillows in the market today.

LeachnoSnoogle Total Body Pillow

LeachnoSnoogle Total Body Pillow

This C-shaped pillow is made by a reputable company and was designed by a registered nurse and mother. The pillow supports the neck, back, hips and belly at the same time. You can twist or fold it to different shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

It has a lofty polyfill and a cotton cover that is machine washable. This pillow is ideal for all stages of nursing and also gives support when nursing. The shape provides support to the entire body while the high loft gives support to the neck and head.

This product is also on the list of the wife choice.


  • It’s very comfortable
  • It’s free from harmful chemicals
  • The C-shape design gives room to your growing tummy
  • Protects you from night sweats and excess heat
  • Provides enough support to your head, neck, belly, hips, and back


  • Take much room since it’s very large
  • Feels too soft

Queen Rose U-Shaped Total Body Pillow

Queen Rose U-Shaped Total Body Pillow

The pillow focuses on comfort, especially for pregnant mothers. It supports the back, belly, and joints. The total body design is convenient for different needs. It may be used for various for lounging and even nursing.

It has a zippered cover that is easy to remove and wash. It’s an excellent option for all stages of pregnancy. It is also good for people who are recovering from different injuries. The pillow is filled with a soft and high-density bionic polyethene. It retains its original loft without being lumpy. The pillow comes in four different colours; blue, black, pink and grey.

The plush feel enables you to relax with exerting pressure on your spine and joints. The filling can be added or removed based on your preference.


  • Extremely versatile
  • Great back and tummy support
  • It’s good for lounging and nursing
  • It’s durable


  • It’s bulky and can’t be moved around easily
  • It only comes in four colours
  • It can feel too flat for good head support

Today’s Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow

Today’s Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow

This is a top design in the maternity pillow world that is ideal in all pregnancy stages. It is a good solution for women who suffer from sleepless nights.

The pillow is big and bulky and therefore should be used on a King-sized bed if you want to sleep with your partner.

It wraps around your body to provide maximum support. It has a unique anatomical contoured design to relieve any discomfort. The pillow gives you proper back support and evenly distributes your weight to reduce pains and aches.

The cover can be easily unzipped and removed. This enables you to wash it in your laundry machine. Today’s Mom is also perfect for moms who need support while feeding. The unique inner curves nicely caress the curves of your body.

This pillow supports an expectant mother’s head, neck, back, belly and legs at the same time. You can use this pillow to take a nap on the couch or sleeping on the floor.


  • Total body comfort
  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • It caresses all the right spots
  • It’s easy to wash
  • It comes in four different colours; espresso, white, sky blue and almond


  • It’s huge for people with small bodies
  • It’s bulky, making it hard to sleep with your partner on the same bed.

Pharmedoc C-shaped body pillow

Pharmedoc C-shaped body pillow


  • Its filling is poly fibre
  • Its loft is about 6 inches
  • Its density is plush
  • It has a warranty of 5 years


Pharmedoc as a company specializes in orthopaedic and ergonomic bed pillows, fitness and wellness products. The kind of pregnancy pillows that they produce are designed with general body support and comfort. This maternity pillow with 62-inch length,30-inch width which is completely adjustable offers this slightly c-shaped and full body pillow with multiple abilities to use it during pregnancy period and also for body pillow support after that.

It is symmetrical to enhance folding to create a unique surface that enables users to find body comfort and support to their legs, head, and neck.

Not to mention, this pregnancy pillow is long zippered, contains 100% cotton jersey cover, and it is also washable. Additionally, this product is soothing and soft that aids design a sleep night that more cool and memorable.

As if that is not enough, this product has an outstanding design that will allow expectant mothers to have a classy and elegant night experience because it provides more support for their hips and back. Its cover and shape are unisex hence making it an ideal choice for any individual who seeks a neutral pillow that supports their body at nighttime.


  • It assists users(pregnancy women) relieve both neck and back pain especially after spending more time walking and standing.
  • Its loft is low to enhance effective side sleeping support of the neck efficiently.
  • It shapes easily hence making it perfect for pregnant women to sleep conveniently with them.


  • It is inconvenient for people with tall height
  • It is not simple to wash and clean
  • Strength and quality of seems may somehow be lacking in this pillow.

Bobby wedge pregnancy pillow

Bobby wedge pregnancy pillow


  • It has a warranty of 1 year
  • Density is firm
  • Its loft has 4 inches tapered
  • The filling: high-density foam


This pillow is designed in a very special way to ensure that both the mother and the child in their stomach are safe. It generally makes their life more affordable and comfortable. The good thing is that this product is easily accessible to shops and it is simple to find. It provides versatile support with its soft jersey cover that makes resting for pregnant women much easier. Additionally, its cover is easy to remove for washing, and its neutral colour makes it amazing to suit any decor.

It is designed to provide belly support specifically and to easily alleviate the strain and stress that is put to the hips and back during nighttime. This consequently allows you’re the user’s soft tissues in the body to rest properly. Also, it supports clear, spinal alignment and full body blood flow. The product can also be used to provide supportive contouring comforts which fill in the natural arches and curves of the back that pregnant women often experience during their pregnancy period.

It is small in size and designed to suit the needs of pregnant women especially in providing support to the weight and growth of the unborn baby. Its size makes it easily pack-able and light hence making it convenient for travel.


  • It is easy to travel with because of its weight (light in nature)
  • It is efficient for leg and hip support
  • It is appropriate for warm weather sleeping


  • Its firmness may at times make it inconvenient
  • It might thin making it inappropriate for cradling
  • It could be larger for extra support


  • Its filling is poly fibre
  • The loft is 7 inches
  • Its density is plush
  • It provides a warranty of 30 days


The pillow is designed in a way to suit the needs and demands of pregnant women. It has a full body pillow. It offers extra belly support and adds comfort for the neck, back, hip, neck and head positioning. Its extraordinary construction and shape enable some slight shaping.

Its cover comes in 2 choices; either in soft minky material or cotton blend. This makes this pillow to unzip easily hence enhancing its easy washing. It is also provided in different colours and has a simple user interface which helps in positioning of the body. Its shape also enables easy storage.


  • It has an extraordinary shape
  • Offers proper support to the shoulder and head
  • Offers efficient tummy support


  • It can be too soft
  • May provide more warm

It is always important to take note of your natural sleeping position and your preferences when buying a pregnancy pillow. Pregnancy period is a crucial moment where an expectant mother deserves the best pillow to allow the growth of the unborn baby and for the benefit of their health.


Best wedge pillow

Wedge pillows are very important pillows that play an important role in the life of human beings. In most cases, they enhance the sleep of its users. They are often designed in a very sloping triangular shape meant to curb health-related issues like sciatica, sleep apnea, GERD and acid reflux. Additionally, these types of pillows also cater for bad back conditions, and they are always found either at the therapists or in doctors’ offices. Experts and professionals have advised people to purchase wedge pillows to enjoy its unprecedented benefits.

Note that, the right wedge pillow that will suit your needs normally relies on your demands and personal health concerns. It is important to keep an eye at all the features and functionalities of wedge pillows to ensure that you choose the one that is the best. This will consequently allow you to accomplish your goals. Therefore, it is crucial to consult a doctor, a professional or an expert before buying a wedge pillow.

In this review, I am going to provide copious details regarding the best wedge pillows that we have in the global market. By the end of this, you will understand their features and also make an informed decision when buying.

Here are the best wedge pillows.

Xtra-Comfort bed wedge

Xtra-Comfort bed wedge
Xtra-Comfort bed wedge

This high-density memory foam is designed in a very special way to handle matters on bad back conditions such as GERD and acid reflux. These conditions lead to frequent heartburn, and if you want to avoid them, it is crucial for you to purchase this 3 in 1 design wedge pillow.

Furthermore, this pillow allows you to select the ideal amount of incline that can conveniently suit any bed and offer huge comfort and support while either sleeping or sitting. The inclination that the pillow provides makes it easy to tackle matters of heartburn.

As if that is not enough, the gradual slope of this pillow also offers support to the head of its users to reduce and elevate pressure on the user’s neck and also provide finer pressure points. The pillow can also be used to elevate your ankles and feet, especially after a long day walking and standing around.

Not to mention, this pillow comes with its carrying handle, and it folds completely down especially when it is not in use. Its design is fantastic hence providing optimal support to your body. Besides, this pillow also encompasses a zipper removable. It also has a washable polyester cover.


  • It is firm memory foam and can hold its unique shape
  • Provides ideal incline variation that allows you to avoid acid reflux
  • Offers a convenient sixty-day warranty
  • Contain machine washable cover


  • It has unboxed factory odor. You have to allow it to sit for about four hours before using it

Avana super slant full length

Avana super slant full length
Avana super slant full length

This wedge pillow that appears like a hospital bed offers relief and support via elevation. Interestingly, it can reduce heartburn, relieves loose stomach muscles and also aids with sinus congestion by lifting the torso gently on the soft foam thus offering the right sleep surface.

It also has precise and accurate angles that assist with chest conditions and sinus conditions. It also assists in diminishing aching and swelling.

The pillow is made of polyurethane foam together with an additional 1-inch layer thick memory foam contouring that offers comfort to your body when you sleep. It also has an antimicrobial cover that encompasses stylish bamboo knit pattern. Its cover is machine washable and removable.

It is flexible enough and therefore able to suit any bed size without bringing inconvenience.


  • Provides efficient bed sized options
  • Designed with memory foam and incorporates polyurethane foam meant for ideal comfort
  • Provides antimicrobial bed cover
  • Offers complete body elevation therapy
  • Machine washable cover


  • It is heavy and also hard to store
  • Causes addiction

Ramp combo/Liberator wedge

Ramp combo/Liberator wedge
Ramp combo/Liberator wedge

This type of wedge pillow provides an extraordinary design which is perfect for providing the comfortability you have been looking for while asleep. It can prop both your neck and head nicely as you handle your work.

It offers unique and perfect angles that allow people to enjoy and have optimal satisfaction and comfort on their beds with their partners.

It originates from high-density foam that offers support and enhances maximum relaxation and satisfaction.

The pillow has outstanding features like its inner moisture resistant liner can safeguard the foam. It also has removable machine washable microfiber cover.


  • It can support over 250 pounds without compressing
  • It originates from high-density foam that has a moisture resistant liner
  • Provides a wide range of bed size options with your partner


  • Not specifically designed for relieving specific health matters and for medical use
  • There is no warranty guarantee

Backmax full body foam

Backmax full body foam

This is a full body wedge that is designed to provide multi-functional orthopaedic support of the body.

It also incorporates 3 different foam wedges that have a zipper design to connect all the 3 parts or even separate them into several support areas. Its inclination provides support for your knees, feet, and legs.

This ergonomic wedge pillow can relieve stress at the lower back, i.e. at the muscles and ligaments in the lumbar area. Its middle wedge support legs and offer rear comfort; it relieves and elevates symptoms related to GERD, acid reflux respiratory issues and even indigestion.

Additionally, this wedge pillow provides optimal comfort zone because it comes with a high-density foam core which is wrapped in a one-inch memory foam layer.

Its bottom side features antiskid technology so that every wedge remains at its position when you sleep. The wedge pillow also has a washable cover and also carries the case for all other parts.


  • It has unique combinations that are convenient for adjusting angles for different conditions
  • Comes with 3 attached parts to offer support to your back, head, legs, and feet.
  • It is designed to offer optimal support to your body.


  • It has a low angle which can be inconvenient to other people
  • Zippered attachments are easy to separate

Contour products mattress genie

Contour products mattress genie

This wedge pillow provides affordable back and neck solution that is rare to find. It also enables the user to sleep comfortably hence reducing heartburn, snoring, pain from old age or injury and even indigestion.

Equally important is that this ergonomic wedge pillow inclines to a range of between 26-inch height and to a maximum of 40-degree angle that is comfort friendly. It’s most impressive because of its super lightweight and has the ability weight capacity of about 1,000 pounds.

Note that this wedge pillow has handheld remote to control the angle, height, and density of your wedge. Not to mention, it comes with simple directions and cord pump. In addition, the product is simple and easy to put under your mattress. It is hard to cause damage to your bed.


  • It works well to lift bed of any kind to the perfect degree angle
  • Usually comes with handheld remote to allow you to control the wedge at the comfort of your bed
  • Offers maximum weight of about 1,000 pounds


  • It normally lifts the mattress, and unfortunately, it does not conform your own body to memory foam
  • Its pump is ever loud at night when controlling the angle at the convenient of your sleep
  • It consumes more time before bed to fill.

Avana contoured

Avana contoured

This pillow provides elevated natural relief and required comfort as you sleep. It provides back solution.

It is made from ultra-comfortable polyurethane foam with an additional density which hits all the ideal pressure points. It is also designed with an extra 1-inch layer of memory foam to allow you to get the comfort you need and also cradle your muscles.

The materials used to design this wedge pillow are 100% certiPUR-US certified for being created with no ozone depleters, mercury, phthalates, lead, no chlorofluorocarbons and flame retardants. This foam is also made with small perforations to create full cooling airflow for your body and face.

With a foam structure and an 8-inch incline, this product weighs six pounds, and it also comes with a removable machine washable cover that is antimicrobial and has a bamboo ranyon fabric up.


  • It is very convenient support for slide sleepers
  • Provides a dense lower support layer foam with top cushioning memory foam
  • It is convenient rather than a normal flat-topped wedge that has its foam only contouring


  • It is not as wide as most people would love it to be
  • Constant washing make antimicrobial to wear down easily
  • Fails to provide an arm insert to the user.

Some of the features to put into consideration before buying the best wedge pillows that are available in the world include the following:

  • Size
  • Material
  • Weight
  • Incline
  • Shape
  • Durability
  • Cover
  • Warranty

I recommend you to purchase the above-mentioned wedge pillows for yourself and your family. It is a great investment as they will allow you to have a memorable experience while asleep.

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Pillow Pets Signature

The Top 10 Best Pillow Pets

Pillow pets consist of a brand of stuffed toys. They are made from chenille. These stuffed toys have Velcro straps that enable them to be converted from a decorated pillow to a stuffed animal and vice versa by fastening and unfastening the Velcro strap. Pillow pets were first invented in 2003 by Jenifer Telfer in what would later become popular products. You may probably remember the famous pillow pet commercial on tv with the song ‘it’s a pillow, it’s a pet…’.  With the original Pillow pets release including less than six types, we now have more than a hundred pillows pets’ varieties available in the market.

Pillow pets are perfect travel companions for airplane rides or road trips. They have been providing smiles to the faces of everybody regardless of age. Children use stuffed animal companion to play with and the pillow pets as a resting pillow for their heads. From body to scented pillow pets, there s a wide variety of kids pillow pets on the market. Themed pillow pets based on different Disney characters are also available. Pillow pts makes the most exciting snuggle pal for you and your kids. With many pillow pets available in the market today, it is essential that you get to know the best pillow pets to buy for your little one. Here is an exclusive look at the 10 top best pillow pets.

#1. Pillow Pets Discovery Channel, Sharky Shark, 16″ Shark Week Stuffed Animal

Pillow Pets Discovery Channel
Pillow Pets Discovery Channel

For shark lovers, Sharky Shark, 16″ Shark Week Stuffed Animal is here for you. All sea creatures’ fans of all ages will love the friendship and adventure of shark week-Sharky plus as a snuggly place to rest your head. You can pretend to swim around the sea discovering adventures until you get exhausted then use the shark as a pillow. This pillow pet is made of a hundred percent polyester giving it ultimate comfort when using as a pillow.

This Sharky Shark, 16″ Shark Week Stuffed Animal is a pal during the day and a pillow by night by unfastening it’s belt. You can also use it as a decoration for a girl or boy room. This popular and high-quality chenille pillow pet unfastens to a 16-in pillow to rest your head comfortably at night. You can easily wash the pillow by putting in a white pillowcase and tie open end. Wash in a gentle cycle with cold water.

#2. Pillow Pets Signature Magical Unicorn, 18″ Stuffed Animal Plush Toy

Pillow Pets Signature Magical Unicorn
Pillow Pets Signature Magical Unicorn

Get into the fairies and magic land with Pillow Pets Signature Magical Unicorn, 18″ Stuffed Animal. The pillow pet is one of a kind being cute, super soft and adorable. You are sure of getting your smiles and joy back with this magical unicorn pillow pet that unfolds into a fuzzy pillow to rest your head when sleeping. It is a perfect travel pal for your kid on airplanes or road trips.

Whether adults, teens or kids, they all love this collectible and classic comfy critters. While youth like studying with this magical unicorn, kids love this original toy for playing and as a pillow when watching television, reading and taking a sleepy nap. This quality pillow pet is phthalates and BPA free.

#3. Pillow Pets Signature, Nutty Elephant, 18″ Stuffed Animal Plush Toy

Pillow Pets Signature
Pillow Pets Signature

For animal lovers, Nutty Elephant, 18″ Stuffed Animal Plush Toy is the best pillow pet for you. If you think elephants are adorable, just imagine how cute it is as a plush. You can now have your favorite animal at home for a wild adventure or a comfortable nap as a pillow pet. This pillow pet is perfect for kids above three years, teens and even adults. Its classic design and smooth washable and high-quality chenille make its unique.  It is phthalates free and BPA free.

The pillow pet unfolds to an 18-inch pillow with an overall dimension of 18 by 18 by 4. Take good care and maintenance of the pillow pet as recommended to any product. To avoid damage and maintain the plush during washing, ensure you place it in a white pillow case and tie off the open ends. Wash on cold water and gentle cycle. This appealing nutty elephant is made from a soft grey plush fabric that makes it the softest pet ever.

#4. Pillow Pets Dinosaur, Green Dinosaur, 18″ Stuffed Animal Plush

Pillow Pets Dinosaur

Pillow Pets Dinosaur, Green Dinosaur, 18″ Stuffed Animal Plush provides you with the friendliest and plushiest dinosaur you could ever find. Dinosaur lovers of all the ages will beg to snuggle up with this pillow pet dinos.  The pillow pet has an attractive design of a vibrant and bright green chenille with brown and blue accents. This green dinosaur will give your kids a lovely time as they play around with it and then unfold it into a pillow and rest on it as they watch television or take a nap.

Kids of all ages will enjoy the everyday fan that comes with Green Dinosaur, Stuffed Animal Plush. It is also a comforting friend on the road trips or airplane tours where it starts up as a pet then unfastens its belly to open up to an 18inch pillow quickly. More so it is a kid’s bedtime solution that will make children run to their bedroom with the pet for a fantastic rest with the pillow pet.

#5. Pillow Pets Signature, Mr. Bear, 18″ Stuffed Animal Plush

Pillow Pets Signature, Mr. Bear

Mr. Bear, 18″ Stuffed Animal Plush is definitely one of the most populous and favorite pillow pets to many. Just imagine how a bear would be as cute as a plush. With this pillow pet, you can now bring the bear home as a stuffed animal for a wild adventure and as a pillow for a comfy nap with it.

Mr. bear pillow pet gives you tones of snuggly and warm happiness with its soft and friendly feel. Its elegant look matches perfectly with any colors in your room hence giving your room a sense of décor. Kids will use this unique toy for the ultimate fan in imaginative plays and as a pillow during bedtime, travel time and watching television. Kids will hardly put this bear plush folding stuffed animal down. Close the Velcro belt to get the softest bear pet ever and open it for use an 18-inch comfortable than ever pillow.

#6. Pillow Pets Colorful Teal Puppy – 18″ Stuffed Animal Plush

Pillow Pets Colorful Teal Puppy

Kids love puppies naturally I bet due to their cuteness. Children of all ages will love the colorful teal puppy for imaginative plays then unfasten the belt to make a comfy pillow for the night. The vibrant softness of this pillow will make the kids absolutely love it. It is cozy, comfortable and cute making it adorable for both kids and adults.

Pillow pet colorful teal puppy features a bottom patterned pretty fabric that makes it the most enchanting pillow pet that you. Will ever find. The toy enjoys everyday use as a pet and as a pillow besides matching with the elegant décor of your room. Its high-quality chenille material is easily washable. Visit the official Amazon website and purchase the color teal puppy for your boy. It will be an unforgettable present.

#7. Pillow Pets Original, Wild Fox, 18″ Stuffed Animal Plush

Pillow Pets Original

Wild Fox, 18″ Stuffed Animal Plush provides all the fun that stuffed animal can offer. It then converts into a comfy 18-inch sized pillow for a good pillow. Kids love it for imaginative play all through the day and then use it as a pillow when reading, watching television and taking a short nap. , Wild Fox, 18″ Stuffed Animal Plush is an excellent bedtime solution that will have your kids run to the bedroom to have a night rest with their favorite pillow pets.

This pillow pet is a great product that is long-lasting and is a fantastic gift for moose lovers. The fox pillow is so fluffy and of good size plus its price is affordable. Its high-quality chenille gives its unique softness to soothe you throughout the night. You can wash the pillow pet by placing it in a white pillow casing and then tie off the open end to avoid damage.

#8. Pillow Pets Mint Bunny Large – 18″ Stuffed Animal Plush

Pillow Pets Mint Bunny Large

Pillow Pets Mint Bunny Large is the best pillow pet for animal lovers especially kids who love the cute sight of the bunny. The pillow pet is made of a soft chenille fabric which makes it pleasurable to snuggle or sleep with pillow pet. The sturdy stitching of the pet makes it long lasting for many years. Additionally, the pillow pet is machine washable. In case you accidentally make a spill on the pillow, put it inside a white pillow casing and tie the end. Use a gentle and cold-water cycle to avoid damage and air dry the pillow pet.

The mint bunny large pillow pet is fun and functional being a fuzzy animal to play with and a comfy pillow to rest as you sleep. Phthalates and BPA free pillow pet make it safe for your kids to snuggle and sleep in with no smelling chemicals. Mint bunny large is the ideal springtime plush for placing it among the candy, eggs, marshmallow, and chocolate in any Easter basket.

#9. Pillow Pet Gray Elephant, 18″

Pillow Pet Gray Elephant

Cuddly and cute, this gray elephant pillow pet smells exactly the way it looks. If you love elephants, you can bring your animal home by purchasing a pillow pet gray elephant. It is made of cotton candy scent that adds another layer to the sensory experience of this gray elephant pillow pet. The plush pillows give your kids a magical experience taking their imaginative plays to another level. Kids will love using it during imaginative plays as well as pillows when taking a nap or watching television. This super pillow pet is made of a soft and durable chenille material that is free from harmful chemicals.

#10. Pillow Pets NBCUniversal Spirit Riding Free- Spirit 16″ Stuffed Animal Plush Toy

Pillow Pets NBCUniversal Spirit Riding Free

NBCUniversal Spirit Riding Free- Spirit 16″ Stuffed Animal Plush Toy is an adorable marshal that appeals to both girls and boys. It is well made, cuddly and soft. It has a classic design that is gender neutral and timeless. This pillow pet is made of high-quality fabric and is phthalates and BPA free. It offers smiles to all faces of all ages by offering warm snuggly happiness that you will not want to put them down. The pillow pet is ideal as bedtime and naptime not to mention that it is a comforting friend on airplane rides and road trips. It starts as your pet then unfastens to become a comfy pillow. Fans of free spirit riding will love playing with this horse pet and save the day.

Taking Care of Your Pillow Pet

A pillow pet provides lots of fun. Taking care of the pillow pet includes using the pillow pet with care and looking for fun activities to do with it. You can use virtual foods to play by and pretend to feed your pillow pet. If your pillow pet is dirty, grooming it is needed to keep it attractive and classic. You can use a soft baby brush to clean a spot as compared to washing the whole pillow. If you want to clean the entire pillow pet, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions to remove it using a machine and air dry to avoid getting smelly. Make your pillow pet comfortable by making a beautiful bed for it or letting it sleep on your bed. When it is bedtime, don’t forget to wish it goodnight. The pillow pet is your pal, and you should have a fan with it by narrating stories and having conversations, playing imaginative games, and going on a tour with your pillow pet.


The above guideline gives the top best pillow pets for you and your kids. I would not encourage you to purchase stuffed animals as there are so many varieties in the market. Pillow pets are so much more as compared to stuffed animals. The reality that pillow pets can be both an adorable pet and a fully functional pillow makes them be the perfect gift to any of your children.