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Wedge pillows are very important pillows that play an important role in the life of human beings. In most cases, they enhance the sleep of its users. They are often designed in a very sloping triangular shape meant to curb health-related issues like sciatica, sleep apnea, GERD and acid reflux. Additionally, these types of pillows also cater for bad back conditions, and they are always found either at the therapists or in doctors’ offices. Experts and professionals have advised people to purchase wedge pillows to enjoy its unprecedented benefits.

Note that, the right wedge pillow that will suit your needs normally relies on your demands and personal health concerns. It is important to keep an eye at all the features and functionalities of wedge pillows to ensure that you choose the one that is the best. This will consequently allow you to accomplish your goals. Therefore, it is crucial to consult a doctor, a professional or an expert before buying a wedge pillow.

In this review, I am going to provide copious details regarding the best wedge pillows that we have in the global market. By the end of this, you will understand their features and also make an informed decision when buying.

Here are the best wedge pillows.

Xtra-Comfort bed wedge

Xtra-Comfort bed wedge
Xtra-Comfort bed wedge

This high-density memory foam is designed in a very special way to handle matters on bad back conditions such as GERD and acid reflux. These conditions lead to frequent heartburn, and if you want to avoid them, it is crucial for you to purchase this 3 in 1 design wedge pillow.

Furthermore, this pillow allows you to select the ideal amount of incline that can conveniently suit any bed and offer huge comfort and support while either sleeping or sitting. The inclination that the pillow provides makes it easy to tackle matters of heartburn.

As if that is not enough, the gradual slope of this pillow also offers support to the head of its users to reduce and elevate pressure on the user’s neck and also provide finer pressure points. The pillow can also be used to elevate your ankles and feet, especially after a long day walking and standing around.

Not to mention, this pillow comes with its carrying handle, and it folds completely down especially when it is not in use. Its design is fantastic hence providing optimal support to your body. Besides, this pillow also encompasses a zipper removable. It also has a washable polyester cover.


  • It is firm memory foam and can hold its unique shape
  • Provides ideal incline variation that allows you to avoid acid reflux
  • Offers a convenient sixty-day warranty
  • Contain machine washable cover


  • It has unboxed factory odor. You have to allow it to sit for about four hours before using it

Avana super slant full length

Avana super slant full length
Avana super slant full length

This wedge pillow that appears like a hospital bed offers relief and support via elevation. Interestingly, it can reduce heartburn, relieves loose stomach muscles and also aids with sinus congestion by lifting the torso gently on the soft foam thus offering the right sleep surface.

It also has precise and accurate angles that assist with chest conditions and sinus conditions. It also assists in diminishing aching and swelling.

The pillow is made of polyurethane foam together with an additional 1-inch layer thick memory foam contouring that offers comfort to your body when you sleep. It also has an antimicrobial cover that encompasses stylish bamboo knit pattern. Its cover is machine washable and removable.

It is flexible enough and therefore able to suit any bed size without bringing inconvenience.


  • Provides efficient bed sized options
  • Designed with memory foam and incorporates polyurethane foam meant for ideal comfort
  • Provides antimicrobial bed cover
  • Offers complete body elevation therapy
  • Machine washable cover


  • It is heavy and also hard to store
  • Causes addiction

Ramp combo/Liberator wedge

Ramp combo/Liberator wedge
Ramp combo/Liberator wedge

This type of wedge pillow provides an extraordinary design which is perfect for providing the comfortability you have been looking for while asleep. It can prop both your neck and head nicely as you handle your work.

It offers unique and perfect angles that allow people to enjoy and have optimal satisfaction and comfort on their beds with their partners.

It originates from high-density foam that offers support and enhances maximum relaxation and satisfaction.

The pillow has outstanding features like its inner moisture resistant liner can safeguard the foam. It also has removable machine washable microfiber cover.


  • It can support over 250 pounds without compressing
  • It originates from high-density foam that has a moisture resistant liner
  • Provides a wide range of bed size options with your partner


  • Not specifically designed for relieving specific health matters and for medical use
  • There is no warranty guarantee

Backmax full body foam

Backmax full body foam

This is a full body wedge that is designed to provide multi-functional orthopaedic support of the body.

It also incorporates 3 different foam wedges that have a zipper design to connect all the 3 parts or even separate them into several support areas. Its inclination provides support for your knees, feet, and legs.

This ergonomic wedge pillow can relieve stress at the lower back, i.e. at the muscles and ligaments in the lumbar area. Its middle wedge support legs and offer rear comfort; it relieves and elevates symptoms related to GERD, acid reflux respiratory issues and even indigestion.

Additionally, this wedge pillow provides optimal comfort zone because it comes with a high-density foam core which is wrapped in a one-inch memory foam layer.

Its bottom side features antiskid technology so that every wedge remains at its position when you sleep. The wedge pillow also has a washable cover and also carries the case for all other parts.


  • It has unique combinations that are convenient for adjusting angles for different conditions
  • Comes with 3 attached parts to offer support to your back, head, legs, and feet.
  • It is designed to offer optimal support to your body.


  • It has a low angle which can be inconvenient to other people
  • Zippered attachments are easy to separate

Contour products mattress genie

Contour products mattress genie

This wedge pillow provides affordable back and neck solution that is rare to find. It also enables the user to sleep comfortably hence reducing heartburn, snoring, pain from old age or injury and even indigestion.

Equally important is that this ergonomic wedge pillow inclines to a range of between 26-inch height and to a maximum of 40-degree angle that is comfort friendly. It’s most impressive because of its super lightweight and has the ability weight capacity of about 1,000 pounds.

Note that this wedge pillow has handheld remote to control the angle, height, and density of your wedge. Not to mention, it comes with simple directions and cord pump. In addition, the product is simple and easy to put under your mattress. It is hard to cause damage to your bed.


  • It works well to lift bed of any kind to the perfect degree angle
  • Usually comes with handheld remote to allow you to control the wedge at the comfort of your bed
  • Offers maximum weight of about 1,000 pounds


  • It normally lifts the mattress, and unfortunately, it does not conform your own body to memory foam
  • Its pump is ever loud at night when controlling the angle at the convenient of your sleep
  • It consumes more time before bed to fill.

Avana contoured

Avana contoured

This pillow provides elevated natural relief and required comfort as you sleep. It provides back solution.

It is made from ultra-comfortable polyurethane foam with an additional density which hits all the ideal pressure points. It is also designed with an extra 1-inch layer of memory foam to allow you to get the comfort you need and also cradle your muscles.

The materials used to design this wedge pillow are 100% certiPUR-US certified for being created with no ozone depleters, mercury, phthalates, lead, no chlorofluorocarbons and flame retardants. This foam is also made with small perforations to create full cooling airflow for your body and face.

With a foam structure and an 8-inch incline, this product weighs six pounds, and it also comes with a removable machine washable cover that is antimicrobial and has a bamboo ranyon fabric up.


  • It is very convenient support for slide sleepers
  • Provides a dense lower support layer foam with top cushioning memory foam
  • It is convenient rather than a normal flat-topped wedge that has its foam only contouring


  • It is not as wide as most people would love it to be
  • Constant washing make antimicrobial to wear down easily
  • Fails to provide an arm insert to the user.

Some of the features to put into consideration before buying the best wedge pillows that are available in the world include the following:

  • Size
  • Material
  • Weight
  • Incline
  • Shape
  • Durability
  • Cover
  • Warranty

I recommend you to purchase the above-mentioned wedge pillows for yourself and your family. It is a great investment as they will allow you to have a memorable experience while asleep.

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