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What gift do I buy my girlfriend?

PillowMob has a birthday gift idea for her.

Well friend, it's your girlfriend's birthday this month and you are asking Google for a good gift idea. Great idea: research is the labor of the virtuous.

Here's a great gift idea, get her a Pillowgram.

Why? Because a Pillowgram is a personal, thoughtful, and unique gift that shows you are have a creative mind and warm heart. And it's cute. And at $30, including delivery, you can also treat her to dinner at a table with two forks and cloth napkins.

Studies have shown that girlfriends who receive Pillowgrams as birthday gifts are 38% more excited than those who receive unadorned wedge-shaped cushions.

Here is what you need to give your special lady the best birthday gift that she will receive this year.
1) A face 2) A photo of said face 3) A mailing address 4) $30.

Make Her Own - this is going to be awesome!

Special Scenarios for you to consider:

"It is my girlfriend's birthday and she told me not to get her anything" Don't be a fool - she is lying. There is a special place for those who get tricked by such tests of love, and it is a lonely place.

"It is my girlfriend's birthday and she has a pet cat." In this case, we advise you make a cat face pillow in lieu of your own face. Fact. 1) cats are cuter than you and 2) she loves the cat more than you right now.

Make Her Own

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