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How to Buy Pillows That Suit You

A good and comfortable sleeping posture is imperative to have a sound sleep. Ever experienced neck pains, backache, or stiffness when you wake up in the morning? Ever heard your partner or a friend complain of such pains? Well, the strains could possibly have been caused by bad or unhealthy sleeping posture. A bad sleeping posture can as a result of sleeping on an unsuitable pillow. The following are some of the things that you need to know and consider when buying pillows.

Your sleeping style

Identifying and choosing your favorite sleeping style is arguably the most crucial factor to consider when purchasing pillows. Your sleeping style will dictate the type, thickness, and firmness of the pillow that will suit you.

The best pillows for various sleeping styles

  •  A back sleeper

If back sleeping is your favorite style of sleeping, then you need to purchase pillows of medium-thickness that cradles the natural curving of your upper spine properly.

  •  A tummy sleeper

Soft and flat pillows can allow you to sleep soundly if you sleep on your front. Soft and flat pillows will always cushion your neck and head while keeping a comfortable angle. They also let your neck to align to stay aligned to the spine all night long.

  •  A side sleeper

Whether you sleep on your right or left side, you need to buy firm or super-firm pillows that are of medium-to-high thickness. These pillows provide your body with a uniform sleeping surface and keep you in a horizontal line.

  •  A mixed sleeper

You could be among those who sleep in different sleeping styles at different times of the night. This sleeping style is challenging to find the right pillows for. However, soft and medium-thickness pillows are suitable for almost all sleeping postures. Consider these types of pillows for a comfortable sleep.

Allergies and sleeping difficulties

Some people have different allergies leading to sticking to a particular choice of pillows. Ensure that the pillow you buy does not worsen your allergies. You can get advice from your doctor regarding the best pillows for your allergies. Also, some people experience back and neck pains when they sleep on pillows. The sleeping difficulties that you have should influence the type of pillows that you should carry home.

Pillow filling

Pillows are filled with different materials to ensure comfort. As it is in all kinds of bedding, people have different choices of the materials that work best for them. This article will get you through all types of filling materials used in pillows to help you understand that can work well for you.

Down pillows

These types of pillows have filling materials that are as soft as a cloud. They are the best types of pillows that provide you the most comfortable sleep. Down pillows are filled with fluffy tuffs got from the under of the outer feathers geese and ducks.

Advantages of Down Pillows

  • Their supper flexible nature makes them the best choices for tummy sleepers and can be suitable for back sleepers if they made of a high-fill material.
  • They are durable compared to synthetic fills.
  • They keep you cool during the night due to their ability to act as insulators when their clusters intertwine to form air sacs.

Disadvantages of Down Pillows

  • They are not suitable for side sleepers due to their flexible nature.
  • Cannot be used by people with allergies such as asthma.
  • They give mixed sleepers some heard time during the night as they need more coaxing when you change your sleeping positions.

Feather pillows

This type of pillows is made of fillers collected from outer and harder feathers of geese and ducks. Most feather pillows have a small proportion of downs to make them a little softer.

Advantages of feather pillows

  • They are usually less expensive compared to Down Pillows hence affordable.
  • They are the best choices for side sleepers for their firmness.
  • They relieve pressure points and increase facial circulation of air.

Disadvantages of feather pillows

  • They collapse after constant use hence losing shape and becoming unattractive.
  • They are not suitable for people with asthma and other allergies.
  • Standard feather pillows have feather quills poking through the fabric giving an undesirable look (but some allege that this is good luck and one should make a wish).

Latex pillows

Latex pillows are filled with latex material that has a few more properties that form.

Advantages of Latex Pillows

  • Latex pillows give you a peaceful sleep due to their better breathability.
  • Latex pillows do not give you that sink in feeling you get from soft cushions.
  • Latex pillows do not lose their shape and are resilient.
  • They are suitable for people with asthma and allergies and are resistant to dust and mold mites.
  • They can be used by all people across all types of sleeping positions.

Disadvantages of Latex pillows

  • They are possibly the most expensive types of pillows.
  • The latex material can produce a strange and undesirable odor when being used for the first few days.

Cotton and wool pillows

These pillows are natural and traditional. They are filled with cotton and woolen materials. Most people prefer them over synthetic ones for their natural character.

Advantages of wool and cotton pillows

  • They have a natural resistant trait for would and dust mites, making them suitable for people with allergies and asthma.
  • They have great firmness that is preferred by side sleepers.
  • They make you stay cool and dry throughout the night as a result of their ability to promote insulation.

Disadvantages of cotton and wool pillows

  • They are not preferable for tummy and mixed sleepers due to their tendency of flattening and hardening so quickly.
  • They may not match your body shape.
  • They are heavier and somewhat expensive compared to the other kind of pillows.

In conclusion you need a good night sleep that will only be warranted if you have a high quality pillow. A good cushion should solve your sleeping problems as well as give you the maximum comfort that you need. Using the information provided above, you’ll find it blissful finding the pillow that suits you most. Remember that the cost least matters. Of primary importance is the quality. Therefore, choose wisely.

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